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Le Chocolat Special Pizza


Le chocolat is a popular spot for Bahrainis and expats, especially when the weather starts to get nicer and people take advantage of their large outdoor patio.  The cafe used to be mainly associated with cakes and pastries, but is increasingly somewhere people will go for a full meal.  We headed there on a Friday because it would have been a crime to eat anywhere indoors with the weather as beautiful as it is now.  Menus were quickly scanned over because I knew exactly what I wanted to get…pizza fresh from their woodfired oven.  I saw some other people order pizzas and they looked great, so I was excited to begin.  We chose the Le Chocolat special, which is a pepperoni mushroom and onion pizza, and a Napoli which is a fresh mozarella, capers, olives, and anchovie pizza.  We also ordered a nicoise salad, a fresh mozarella sandwich, and lemon mint juice.


The food came swiftly, and the pizza was looking good.  And yes, it was tasting REALLY good.  The dough was perfect!  Thin, but not crispy, with a soft pillowy crust.  The sauce tasted fresh and tangy, and there was a perfect amount of cheese.  The toppings on both were excellent, I was surprised that I liked the anchovies on the napoli pizza but the saltiness worked well with the rest of the toppings.  I did prefer  the Le Chocolat Special pizza, and I think many people would, but it’s definitely worth experimenting with the rest of their pizza menu.  I can honestly say their pizza was easily one of my favorites in Bahrain.


Unfortunately, the rest of the meal paled in comparison.  The pizza was the clear star, while the salad and sandwich both were bland and unmemorable.  The salad had an olive oil based dressing which was almost flavorless and added nothing to the dish.  Each component, the tuna, the potatoes, the green beans, was underseasoned and had very low flavor impact.  The sandwich was on tasty herb bread, but besides that nothing special.  It was one of those sandwiches you could easily make at home and wouldn’t need to venture to a restaurant to have.  To be fair, we did order very basic toppings and I have heard good things about their other sandwiches (chicken avocado).  I will say that the side of french fries was tasty, perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Also, the sandwich did come with a generous side salad portion which I appreciated. 


We ended our meal with a tiramisu that everyone thoroughly enjoyed, and there are many other dessert options that would be appreciated as a sweet end to the meal.  On a bright note, Le chocolat is somewhere I can definitely envision myself going over and over again-if only for their delightful pizza!

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