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Every Little Crumb was invited to another burger launch-this time, it was for a new Cookie Jar collaboration with Burger Lounge in which they launched their Cookie Jar themed burger.  I was really excited for this one, partly because I’ve always liked Burger Lounge and partly because cookies are my favorite thing ever, so you know something good is coming when you mesh the two together.  We arrived, to a really nice buzzing atmosphere and were immediately served sliders, chips and dip, onion rings and soft drinks.  Let me give you some background.  The burger concept, by celeb founders of Cookie Jar BH is composed of the following: A beef patty rubbed with brown sugar, crispy bacon with a hint of cocoa, sharp cheddar cheese, spicy honey mustard, all atop a perfectly chewy bun toasted on one side.  This combination can be ordered as a regular full-sized burger or as a mini burger/slider concept.  Clearly you see the sweet notes interacting here which is a really playful homage to the burger’s founders being bakers.


Homemade Chips and Dip

 We dived right in.  Before I get to the main attraction, let’s discuss sides.  Their chips are pretty  little colorful crunchy disks with some great dipping sauces, keeping you occupied while you wait for your burger.  Next, the fat crispy golden brown onion rings.  Onion rings aren’t generally my thing, I always find them too greasy, and these were no exception but I have to say these retained their crisp really nicely, looked appetizing and paired well with the dipping sauces from the chips. 

Cookie Jar Burger

Cookie Jar Burger

Ok, burger time.  Great, great burger.  The beef patty itself was delectable.  The ground beef was so moist and juicy and the perfect thickness to balance the other toppings.  I felt confident that I was eating really good quality beef.  I’m picky with my beef…if I feel it’s even a tiny bit below par, I get grossed out and stop eating.  At Burger Lounge, I couldn’t stop eating!  The bread was really amazing too..not something most people would immediately notice with a burger but I felt like this bun had a really great chew and I love the fact that the bun was toasted from the inside-it’s rare that you’ll find these touches in burger places in Bahrain.  The sharp cheddar cheese was perfect and melty, the bacon crispy (not soggy-a common bacon problem afflicting Bahrain) and had a touch of sweetness that called to mind the sweetness that caramelized onions offer burgers.  The mustard was a tad too sharp for me, I don’t like an overpowering mustard flavor and this was the tiniest bit too much.  One of my friend’s agreed, but two other people thought the mustard was perfect so it’s just a matter of personal preference.  You could definitely taste the sweet notes but it was done in a way that was very complimentary to the flavors of the burger.  It won’t be my standard burger order-I’m a classic cheeseburger with pickles, tomatoes, and onions type girl, but it’s definitely an interesting twist-something you should try, and something that I enjoyed trying!

Meltmallow dessert

Meltmallow dessert

 Now comes dessert.  I got so excited the second that it was placed in front of me.  How did I not know this existed in Bahrain!  Burger Lounge’s meltmellow dessert- a play on s’mores in a trifle form was the first dessert served.  It was basically layered digestive crumbs, milky chocolate pudding,and  bits of chocolate cake topped with torched marshmallows.  It seriously made my list of top desserts offered in Bahrain.  We absolutely loved it.  The pudding had such a creamy luscious flavor, digestive crumbs are always an amazing addition, and the marshmallows were gooey, light and the perfect topping.  It reminded me of the chocolate pudding portion of Lilou’s trio du chef dessert which was something I mourned when it was removed from the regular menu.  Just a great dessert to round off a burger meal, the type of thing I’d love to recreate at home.  The owner of Burger Lounge stopped by with another dessert which he promised we’d like even better, the Date Madness.  This was another trifle dessert which had digestive crumbs on the bottom, followed by toffee dates in a caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream and more caramel.  Sigh.  You have to dig a little to get to the crumbs on the bottom, but once you do it’s a great combination of cold ice cream, warm caramel, sticky date bits, and buttery crumbs.  We could see why this was a crowdpleaser-but 3 out of 4 of us actually liked the meltmallow more.  Regardless, you can’t go wrong with either of these desserts.  I was seriously considering going back the next day to get another order of the meltmallow!

Date and Caramel Dessert

Date and Caramel Dessert


In summary, Burger Lounge is a great burger joint.  Good burgers, nice environment, great service and tasty treats to end your meal with.  I don’t go as often as I like because Amwaj is a little out of the way for me, but now that a branch is opening in Seef I can see that changing very soon :)

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  • The Cookie Jar

    Thank you for this wonderful review! We’re so happy you enjoyed the burger and our event :) !